Mary Portas and the battle over the family owned bakery

Mary Portas may be revered, but she delivered a retail shock to one struggling shopkeeper, a bakery in Raynes Park, London where after running the family bakery for 36 years Angela Maher was unable to deal with the detailed analysis of her business and decided not to take the plunge and follow the advice being given. 

For those of you that never saw the show, it was the typical reality business show where an expert meets a business with a view to helping them change and, in this case, battle the recession and declining sales and take advantage of an in-house baker before the opening of a Waitrose at the end of the street which poses a real threat on the likely sustainability of this declining business.  In summary, 36 years of baking bread and novelty cakes was a step to far for Mary Portas as she failed to convince Angela to create a range of speciality breads and develop a business that is currently based on a traditional model of quintessentially British bakery products.

Sadly, given the changes afoot and the nature of the business and the reluctance to change it is actually hard to see how this business can survive. 

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