Sibling rivalry at the fore

Not sure how many of you saw the latest Mary Portas show last night with the revamp of a business that had been in the family for over 115 years but was on its last legs when she turned up.  Owned buy one of the sisters and with her two siblings involved, it soon became clear that although they had no insight into the retail world, they did not take kindly to advice being dished out.

Mary was firm but fair in her approach but needless to say the sisters struggled with their commitment to the business initially and to determining who should be in charge.  They go their in the end and the shop appearance and range of produce improved significantly but the relationship dynamics were interesting to say the least.  When brothers and sisters work well together it can be extremely powerful but when there are no clearly defined roles and responsibilities as was the case in Hoylake, it can be a disaster.

What do you think?

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