Cadbury’s heiress sells country estate in pursuit of dream…

As an heiress to Cadbury’s, she was an outspoken opponent of its sale to US food giant Kraft.  Now, angered by what she calls the ‘worst handled takeover of all time’, Felicity Loudon plans to launch her own rival chocolate company – and is selling her £27m country estate to help launch it.

Mrs Loudon, 61, the great-great-grandaughter of John Cadbury who founded the business in 1824, said: ‘I can’t accept that Cadbury has gone to America. To a plastic cheese company.  I won’t accept it. I want to start again. I want to make chocolate and I’m jolly well going to do it.”

The words of Felicity will ring true with many a family business owner who has been forced to sell up, or a family member that never had the resources to buy the business and saw it move outside of the business.  Whilst we are not all lucky enough to have a country residence to sell to start a business, Felicity is demonstrating that the family business, in this case chocolate, is in the blood and she wants to continue the long legacy of the family in the confectionery industry.  Good for her. 

We wish her all the success as she pursues her dream and looks to create a new business, that hopefuly will be hear for generations to come.  Read the full story here

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