Life is far from dull at South African nougat business!

“Family and food have always been my two great passions in life.  I am so grateful that our business has given me the opportunity to bring the two together.  As a family we’ve learnt about hands on hard work and now we get the chance to experience the benefits of working together.”

These are the words of Gilly Walters, founder of Walters Nougat.  She clearly expresses the dream for any family business owner – the joy of working with your kids in a successful business, living in close proximity and sharing the passion and dreams.  Sadly, as we all know this is not the case for all family businesses but I thought it useful to remind us all that the dream can become a reality and it is not always the case that a family that works together ends up at war. 

In this case, simply making a batch of nougat for concert goers resulted in a new business venture that has gone from strength to strength.   The business now operates from state-of-the-art premises and is even exporting from South Africa.  For a lady with a passion for family and food, this really is a success story and in her own words with the family living close by and all bar two of the daughters-in-law working in the family business, “life around here is far from dull!”

Read more about Walters Nougat and how the business grew from a plate of nougat at a concert to a real success story.

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