Certainly not scrambled…

Farming and food production is one area of the UK economy that continues to see a large volume of family businesses.  One such family business is run by the Elliotts in Bewholme.

Three generations of Elliotts have farmed at Manor House Farm, since the family moved to Bewholme in 1958. Sons Tom and Mark now work with their parents Stewart and Caroline, whilst the youngest member of the family, Phil, is studying Agriculture at University.

The Elliotts pride themselves in producing fresh free range eggs on their farm from hens that are regularly audited by DEFRA, Freedom Food and British Egg Industry Council. The farm also grows wheat that is milled on site to feed their 37,000 free range layers.

“The birds join us at 17 weeks of age and once used to their new home, are free to roam in open fields each day. They have continual access to feed, water and scratch area”, explains Tom. In addition to producing eggs and growing wheat, Tom is responsible for the running of the free range enterprise and Mark for the packing station and egg deliveries.

Another ‘cracking’ family business success story…

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