Thoughts from the next generation…

It’s clear from the first moment you meet Victoria that her work at Clive Christian is based around two things – drive and passion. After a career in musical theatre, Victoria joined her father’s business on the shop floor at Fortnum and Mason and now, eight years on, is Head of Global Media and Events.

Despite working alongside her father for a company which sells ‘the World’s Most Expensive Perfume’, Victoria is as down to earth as they come and she oozes energy and enthusiasm. Apart from the usual ‘we talk about work too much at home’ comment, Victoria says she wouldn’t change a single thing about working in the family business. In fact she insists it’s quite the opposite. Their working relationship has deepened their personal bond and given them “an extra pocket of communication”.

Victoria’s passion for the business goes hand in hand with her admiration and respect for her father, Clive, who she says is “relentless in his ambition to maintain the company’s reputation and heritage. Our company motto that was given to us by the Royal College of Arms is ‘fax animi honestae gloria’ which means ‘through honour glory is found’. Honesty and fairness are true values of the business and we all work towards the delivery of our brand philosophy.”

In some cases, family members have a role created for them, which can often cause tension amongst the non-family members of the team. In Victoria’s case she says it was soon clear that she would have to work her way to the top and go through the same process as everybody else – “I wouldn’t change my entrance to the company. My father saw to it that I experienced every level of the organisation from the starting rung, making and maintaining the connection with the customer and this has served me well as I have grown in the company.” Victoria has some good advice for those contemplating working in a family business – “Lay some ground rules before you start. There’s nothing worse than having an undefined job role and plan of action.

As the next generation at Clive Christian, Victoria has some sound advice for those following in their fathers footsteps and has a refreshing, but driven approach to business too.

Click here to read more about the life of the woman behind this global brand.

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