Because you really are worth it.

Sounds cheesy. But this year’s Red Ribbon Awards for family business really made me realise that family-run firms simply don’t get enough recognition for the impact they have on this country.

You only have to walk down your local high street on a Saturday morning to see small, independent retailers fighting to keep the high street alive. The butcher, the tailor, the hairdresser. Times may be tough but they’re battening down the hatches, doing whatever it takes to stay afloat because, quite simply, they have to.

It’s not just the husband and wife fronting the business, the whole family is invested in its success. The kids are there in the holidays, the grandparents often offer financial support, in fact it usually takes everyone getting stuck in to help a family business thrive.

So, why are the Red Ribbon Awards, hosted by Family Business Place, the ONLY national family business awards to support and recognise the achievements of family businesses small and large, from north to south, in manufacturing through to hospitality?

Small hubs of family business support networks exist all around the UK. And all are making great waves in supporting family businesses locally. Yet Family Business Place seems to be the only place where family businesses nationally can come together to meet, network, learn and offer advice in one central place. It’s a hub of knowledge exchange, mentorship, the chance to build solid business relationships, meet alternative suppliers with similar values. For me, as someone working IN a family business, that’s invaluable.

At Family Business Place, 2013 brings with it the opportunity to grow our network of family businesses, the chance to help and support them, and we’re determined that the Red Ribbon Awards in 2013 will be bigger and better than you could possibly dream. People will stand up and notice that, without family firms; the backbone of the UK economy, our country would be on its knees.

Amalia Brightley-Gillott, Editor-in-Chief


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