Don’t be shy….

In these difficult times, every company needs to stand out from its competition. By entering your firm for awards, it creates an opportunity to shine a spotlight on your business and show the world why you are the BEST at what you do. 

As hosts of the Red Ribbon Awards – the UK’s only national awards ceremony for family-run businesses, we’ve seen some really wonderful award entries, and some which need a little help.

If you think that you truly deserve to win the category you’ve entered, shout it from the roof top. Average businesses don’t win awards. Your business needs to be spectacular. But spectacular doesn’t necessarily mean big, or a high turnover, or thousands of employees. You just need to be great at what you do.

So why on earth should you spend time entering yourself for an award? You’ve got stuff to do, a business to run….right?

Loud & Proud

Nominating yourself for an award is a great way to shout about your accomplishments. At the Red Ribbon Awards, we’ll help you use it to get press coverage both locally and nationally.

In it together

Include employees in the nomination process; why do they love working for you? What makes them proud? They’ll love that their opinion counts.

Wine & dine

The Red Ribbon Awards Ceremony provides a great chance to network with other family-run business owners. Meet others with shared values and who like doing business with fellow family firms.

Win the business

People like to work with successful people. Awards are a marque of excellence, a reason for new customers to consider you over the competition and for current clients to feel great about their decision to work with you.

Leave a legacy

After the glitz and glamour comes the best bit – the sense of achievement in the office, a shared pride with your employees and an acknowledgement that you’re building a thriving business for generations to come.

If you’re a thriving family business with something to shout about, enter the Red Ribbon Awards today. Enter HERE

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