Get your business noticed online


Family businesses are often shy when it comes to promoting themselves online. The press team at Family Business Place talk through ten easy steps to getting started with online social media.

1. Plan your attack. Don’t jump in feet first without a strategy. It’s easy to get carried away without any real goals which will just end up in you wasting your time.

2. Decide why you want to use social media. To promote a product? To get customers into your shop? To raise brand awareness? Define your goals before you start.

3. Define your audience. Are you talking to other businesses? Consumers? What demographics do you want to target?

4. Where does your audience hang out? Facebook isn’t just for teens, Twitter is a great way to talk to the press, Pinterest is really useful for people planning a wedding. Find out what platforms your audience use.

5. What are you going to say? Be useful, be the place they come to for the latest news in your sector, provide interesting and compelling content. No more than 1 in 10 updates should be promotional.

6. Pace yourself. It’s easy to launch with 10 videos on YouTube, 20 Tweets a day and 10 Facebook updates. But is it sustainable? Better to do fewer things regularly than lots of sporadic efforts.

7. Involve the whole business. Your content will be far more interesting if you get opinions from other members of your team and even customers and suppliers. What do they think is a hot topic?

8. Be part of the conversation. It’s called ‘social’ media for a reason – make sure you engage with people, reply when someone contacts you and don’t rely on auto-responders.

9. Deal with complaints, don’t just ignore them. Social media can leave you open to angry customers but tackle them head on. It will also make you look at where you went wrong in the first place.

10. Online won’t replace offline. People still like to do business face to face but social media is a great support tool and can reinforce your message.

If you’re a small family businesses (less than 10 employees), the Press Team at Family Business Place can look after all of your PR & Social Media for just £250 a month. Call Amalia on 01732 220 120 to arrange a free brainstorm.

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